T Sanmuga

T Sanmuga

Sanmuga Thavamoorthy is a speaker, MC, trainer, author, consultant and project facilitator specializing in strategic realignment, business communication, human capital development and organizational development. A former consultant to the Malaysian International Trade & Industry Ministry’s MATRADE (the National Trade Promotion Agency of Malaysia), he has served educational institutions, corporate entities, government agencies and non-governmental organizations in the past 20 years. He has had a varied career in these capacities in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India.

As a trainer and project facilitator, he has been able to inspire positive changes in his clients due to an emphasis on universal values; as a consultant, he has contributed to a complete re-alignment of numerous organizations’ business strategies and promotion methods to increase profitability.

His stints in customer service, human resources, aid work, the arts and in publishing (both as a former journalist and consultant editor) have given him a diversity of experiences that have produced effective, impactful results for those he has served. In essence, both by training and experience, he has been exposed to many different aspects of international matters. This has helped him develop a keen sense of understanding of the experiences people have with new cultures and new systems – and an emphasis placed on relationships and processes with the aim of quality and consistency always results in exceptional results for those he serves.

His Professional & Academic Qualifications

  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA) – Camden University
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) Communication Studies – Murdoch University
  • International Diploma (NCC) Computer Studies – Informatics Computer Centre
  • Certified Master Trainer, Personal Talent – Strengths-based-Management (SbM)
  • Certified Master Trainer, Organizational Development Instrument (ODI)
  • Certified Master Trainer, Personality Development Instrument (PDI)
  • Certified Practitioner, Behavioral Development Technology (Ontological Coaching)
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Leader – Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga

His foray into Human Resources began during his project management consulting period when he was assigned to managing the human capital of a nationwide project to enumerate the Hindu Places of Worship for the Prime Minister’s Office. In the course of managing the team behind the project, he had to hit the floor running in understanding the legalities related to human resource management as well as how to keep them motivated for the length of the project due to the highly sensitive and intense climate related to the project at the time.

After that, over the years, he continued into Human Resource Consulting for several SMEs, where he functioned as the HR department for some of these companies requiring out of the ordinary HR assistance as well as compliance related support.

Among his successes are his assisting some of these SMEs he worked with to save money through a shift in practices, employee engagement and training, and his past experience as a key HR stakeholder during his employment years. Sanmuga credits these successes both to his mentors in HR and an organizational ‘think-out-of-the-box’ method that he developed, which has proven itself time and again.

Some of his clients include: aesthetics creative, Ape Ideas, ATMAH Foundation, Centre for Development and Research in Evaluation (CeDRE), CV Products Q Pvt Ltd, e2L Group of Companies, The Fitness Studio, GA Software Technologies, GQ1 Health Solutions Sdn Bhd, GQ1 Agro Sdn Bhd, Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle JBC, LG Electronics, Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), Malaysia Hindu Sangam, Monash University, Mambu Sdn Bhd (Pizza Hut Call Centre), Xerox Learning Services, etc.

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